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The sanctions applied to the "Norilsk Nickel" will have a negative impact on consumer

Consumers nickel in the US and Europe expect hard times in the case against the company «Norilsk Nickel» will be an embargo within the context of Western sanctions against R. F. The head of the French group «Eramet», Patrick Buffet, believe that such measures primarily hit the American and European consumers, while Russia they hardly feel. If the «Norilsk Nickel» will not be able to supply its products to Europe and the United States, leading consumer will be China. However, Patrick Buffet considers it unlikely ads Europe embargo since then the merchandise will go to Asia, thus creating a surplus and there is, accordingly, the European countries will feel the shortage of raw materials. As a result, premium growth will occur in Europe, Asia also receive significant discounts. The most likely course of events with respect to preparing for the «Norilsk Nickel» limitations — of the embargo imposed by the United States, which will have a negative impact on the US market, leaving the rest unchanged.

In 2014, the cost of nickel has increased considerably, given the Indonesian ban on the export of nickel raw materials. If Europe and the United States will risk an embargo against the Russian companies, the prices with more speed rush up, will make a great contribution and consumer demand from China. During the five-month period, inventories of nickel ore in China fell by almost half, to guarantee a few more months of work, and then sharply increase demand for imported products.

According to analysts «Goldman Sachs Group», in the near future, the Indonesian authorities did not intend to cancel the ban on the export of nickel ore that will affect their previously planned cost. Now, experts predict a period of 12 months, the price of nickel will increase by 38%, unchanged from 16 thousand USD per ton to 22 thousand USD per ton. Revision of conditions for the Indonesian ban on the export of nickel ore is expected in the second half of 2015. According to preliminary calculations nickel deficit next year will be 201,000 tons, the surplus for the current year will amount to 20 thousand tons.

Analysts «Goldman Sachs Group» believe that the rise in prices is not inevitable in the aluminum and zinc, which will increase the cost of not less than 11% on an annualized ratio. However, the cost of copper, gold and iron ore will be reduced significantly.

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