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"Rusal" is selling non-core assets

The Russian leader in the aluminum sector, Corporation «Rusal» is considering selling non-core assets. At the same time analysts say threaten the BCS sale gets the company's share in the aluminum plant in Nigeria «Alscon», the business of producing the foil in the Russian Federation and of the Kazakh company «Bogatyr». Not so long ago, «RUSAL» signed an agreement with creditors to refinance debt, which amounted to 10.3 billion. USD at the end of March this year. Such a step has allowed us to take a breath in anticipation of an acceptable cost, lightweight metal. As for the realization of non-core assets worth about 1 billion. USD, according to the company's management team in talks with potential buyers are in the stage of resolution. Despite the fact that the company has several developments variations not yet made any unequivocal decision. And on the Hong Kong stock exchange price of shares of the company increased by 75%, to which is largely influenced by the growth in prices for light metal and nickel.

According to analysts the cost of aluminum in the next year will increase to 200 USD per ton. As a result, according to preliminary estimates of the cost of aluminum per ton will be about 2175 USD. According to experts «International Aluminum Institute» World release of aluminum products decreased by 32 thousand tons in June compared to June of last year and amounted to 2.009 million. Tons. When comparing the results of May and June can be stated that the May figures were higher than the June 84 th. Tons. In May of this year, production of aluminum increased by 114 ths. Tons compared to the same period last year and amounted to 3.991 million. Tons. In 2013, global aluminum production was estimated at 3.877 million. Tons. Regarding the global release of the light metal of April this year increased by 76 thousand tons.

Analysts Japanese companies «Sumitomo Corp.» confident that this year the market is waiting for the aluminum product deficit in the amount of 61 thousand. Tons, while in 2013 the market saw a surplus in the amount of 580 thous. Tons. Next year increase in the deficit is unlikely to stop, reaching the end mark 493 ths. Tons. These results of the global market will come due to the fact that enterprises will curtail production by increasing demand from the automotive manufacturers. At the beginning of the current r ode to analysts «Sumitomo» aluminum deficit forecast for 2014 in the amount of 312 000 tonnes, but the low cost of metal has become a major factor in reducing and closing plants. Ultimately, the lack of the current year may reach 579,000 tons.

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