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tin market in the near future will be weakened

Indonesian tin shipments in June stubbornly kept at around 5-month high, while trading exporter dropped significantly, what is largely influenced by the need for pre-processing of metal, sent to foreign consumers, in order to increase its value. In June 2014 volume of exports amounted to 12 376.8 tonnes — this figure below the May export of 12 778.8 tons, the highest result since December of 2013. in June of last year the volume of tin sales amounted to 11 111.4 tonnes, the export of bullion amounted to 11 252.2 tonnes, the amount of solder — 230.6 tonnes, the quantity of other products — 894 tons. In June of this year for the price of the supplied solder tin decreased by 2.9%.

As for Indonesian tin supply in Southeast Asia, then in 2013 increased the minimum export content, and it was ordered that the bullion trade through ICDX, Indonesian Commodity Exchange. This decision was taken in an effort to create a basic value of the metal on the London Stock Exchange as the main price-setter. According to research data, proposed ITRI Ltd., the tin market in the near future will be quite weak. As experts of the Indonesian Stock Exchange reported on ICDX for the period from May to June inclusive, trading volumes have fallen almost 40%, which amounted to 4.66 million tons. Deliveries for the period from January to June fell by 15%, amounting to about 46 832.4 tons, while according to the previous year, these figures were 55 011 tonnes.

According to the information according to the volume of imports of tin in May 2014 in China made a sharp leap upwards, reaching 645,000 tons. The main importer of refined metal for 5 months, appeared Myanmar, putting May 12.922 ths. Tons, accounting for almost 96% of total imports. In general, the amount of tin imported by China for a five-month period amounted to 2880 tons, which is less than in the same period of 2013 by 65%. World tin imports in May of this year fell almost 51% compared to the same period last year, while compared to April, imports increased by 59%, making a total of 405 tonnes. The volume of imports of tin concentrate in May 2014 compared to the same period last year increased by 353% and amounted to 13.461 ths. Tons. Regarding the April performance has improved by 17%.

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