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stainless crude steel production in 2014 will increase

According to preliminary forecasts of the analytical production figures for the production of stainless crude steel in the current year will amount to 40.2 million. Tons, which exceeds the previous year by 5.7%. Increased volumes will affect all major stainless steel manufacturers in the region. Production of stainless steel in the EU for the period from January to June is 4 million tons, the annual figures for the preliminary assessment will be about 7.55 million tons -… Thus, the indicators in the annual recalculation will increase by 5.7%.

Production of stainless products in Japan during this period remains at the previous level of assumptions, accounting for 1.65 million. Tons. The same result, and analysts predict for the second half, and thus the annual volume of production will amount to 3.3 mln. Tons, which exceeds last year's figures by 4%. Release of stainless steel in the US in January-June, more than previously forecast, and is voiced by 2.1m. Tons, this figure relative to similar data last year up 3.4%.

Manufacturing production in South Korea will be about 2.15 million. Tonnes, and an increase of 1.9% compared to 2013. The forecast for production in Taiwan in 2014 has been increased to a level of 1.125 million. Tons, and growth as a result of 4.1%. Manufacturing products in China for the first six months of this year increased by 6.4% in annual recalculation, which is about 20.2 million. Tons, which is more than 50% of the world total. In other producing countries development of the industry will improve by 7.8% compared to the previous year and amount to 3.775 million. Tons.

Intrinsic value of austenitic stainless steels in Asian companies, intended for July shipments, declined, reaching the South-East Asia 3000 USD that to Japan, where the level remained the same. And in the near future is unlikely to price sheet metal stainless steel will decrease, given that the price of nickel is at the level of 900 USD per pound. Since Japanese entrepreneurs have no illusions about the export market at a sufficiently developed domestic demand, the negotiations on the sale of products continues, the value of the goods is 3100−3200 USD. If the cost of nickel will continue to increase, and the value of derivative products to be appropriate. In the near future the cost of stainless steel will continue to change.

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