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Enterprises for the production of non-ferrous metals are increasing capacity

KUZOTSM (Kamensk-plant processing non-ferrous metals) is developing new ways to market their products, currently dealt export opportunities in the direction of Southeast Asia, in particular, we are talking about the Thai market. According to Anton Azanova, director of sales, establish relations with the Thai unit large enough company that produces equipment for the gas industry. To start a trial balloon was launched — the recipient left a small batch of brass rod, further shipments will be about 80 tonnes. In the future, the company expects to develop its customer base in the Asian direction, considering this path quite promising. It also discusses ways of selling products to Europe — in June this year KUZOTSM established trade relations with Sweden, the volume of the test batch of the order of 20 tons. Earlier this year, Kamensk-Uralsky Plant has exported products to more than 20 countries, including Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, France, Bulgaria and others. Last year, the export was sent 9600 tons of various kinds of non-ferrous metal, which is 15% higher than in 2012. Of this amount, in the European countries accounted for 6,700 tons.

To increase their performance and KZOTSM (Kirov factory for processing non-ferrous metals) — for the period from January to June 2014 the production of non-ferrous metal rolled products increased by 3.7% compared to the same period last year. At the same time growth of manufacture of brass products amounted to 56.3%, copper-nickel and bronze 2.4% and 0.4%, respectively, copper — 40.9%. Most of the products provided with copper sheets and strips, it is 22.8% of the total share of 20.2% from the radiator strips of copper and brass rods to brand drugs with the export component is 19.1%. Volumes of products for the electrical field, were 10%, brass sheets and strips — 16%. The remaining 11.9% were other types of goods.

In general, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, in the period from January to June 2014 refined copper production increased by only 1.2%, while production of copper wire — by 6.2%. This is 3.7% lower production figures for the production of foil, 1.4% — for the production of plates, strips and bars, 1.6% — profiles and bars.

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