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«Tata Steel» company turned ferroalloys production in India, Ukraine increases export volumes

According to the information data provided by the «Reuters», Metallurgical Corporation «Tata Steel» stopped the release of ferroalloys plant in the state of Odishi, India. Closure of the production is directly related to the lack of raw materials, which is directly dependent on the termination of the mining license. Previously, information was provided that «Tata Steel» ramping up production capacity at the plant, located in the north-east of England, expecting to exceed its own result in 170 th. Tons per annum in order to satisfy customer requirements and the growing demand for the product. For added convenience, the company built a consumer service center, providing flexible service enough. «Tata Steel» for the year produces about 4.3 mln. Tons, being an offshoot of the conglomerate «Tata Group» in India, combining with over 90 companies, located in different parts of the globe.

Ukraine continues to increase the volume of exports of ferroalloys — for the period January-July exports rose by 45.3% this year compared to the same period last year and amounted to 560.174 tons. According to data provided by the customs authorities, exports grew by 37.7% in monetary terms, which amounted to 697 295 000. USD. The main share of export of ferroalloys shipped to Turkey, accounting for 20% of the total, 18.91% — in Russia, 13.23% — in the Netherlands. Imports of ferroalloy production in the seven months of 2014 amounted to 69.393 thousand tons -. Less than the same figure last year's result by 27.7%. In monetary terms, imports decreased by 20% to reach 144.524 million. USD. The main part of ferroalloy products are mainly supplied from Russia, Brazil and India. Last year, the volume of exports of ferroalloys decreased by 12.4% compared to 2012 to mark 697.093 thousand. Tons, in monetary terms, the decline was 4.5% to 906.354 million. USD respectively. decline in imports was 0.2% -. 165.319 tons, which corresponds to 16% to 317.963 million USD in cash.

«Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation» was unable to proceed with the sale of Serov Ferroalloy Plant, despite the willingness of the Chelyabinsk electrometallurgy plant for the transaction. The Federal Antimonopoly Service considered the transaction sufficiently dangerous that could restrict market competition.

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