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Aluminum production capacity increasing

Joint creation of «Oman Cables» and investment group «Takamul», the company OAPIL («Omar Aluminium Processing Industries»), whose main activity is the processing of aluminum, has decided to adjust the plans for the building of production facilities previously provided, and what the media reported. The revised action intended to change the current capacity in the annual volume of 48 thousand. Tons to the production capacity of 100 thousand. Tonnes. using aluminum supplied «Omar Sohar Aluminium» For manufacturing production OAPIL. The main phase of expansion involves investments of $ 15 million. Omani reals, and the formation of additional production line at the company, oriented to the production of wires and rods of aluminum and its alloys are used, as a rule, for the energy sector.

Prior to the creation of a new line of income from sales for the first half of 2014 amounted to almost the same amount as in the corresponding period last year. Due to the constant increase in sales of the company consistently kept a certain degree of income, despite the fall in the value of production. In particular, during the period from January to June this year, the company was able to sell the goods to the tune of 150 million. Omani reais, while net profit last year's similar period after tax amounted to 152.1 million. Omani reals. It is also one of the measures to improve the quality of products developed by the company is a long-term plan aimed at strengthening the development of infrastructure.

The decision to build capacities to some extent stems from an expected deficit of the aluminum market, which analysts predict as early as next year. Indonesian ban virtually guarantees a prolonged shortage of metal at that demand for aluminum is expected to be restored. According to preliminary estimates of the volume deficit will amount to about 444 thousand. Tonnes. Although the Chinese aluminum market at the moment there is still a surplus, soon assumed volume of closing production capacity of about 2 million. Tons, which greatly influenced the growth of production costs. Daily volumes of aluminum production in June dropped to 67 thousand. Tons, while the May figures were 67.5 thous. Tons.

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