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Aluminium profiles continue to rise in price

One of the representatives of the companies for the production of aluminum profiles reported that the increase in cost of production is connected not only with the growth of demand for it. No one denies that the price of aluminum profiles, depending on the financial policy of the enterprises have increased on average by 10−12%, while to the situation was influenced by the totality of the facts, including the increase in the value of the metal on the London Stock Exchange, premium growth in aluminum production and the negative dynamics USD exchange rate. With translucent structures made of aluminum profile and the situation is not easy, because even the construction season has undergone some changes. If before it started around May, it peaked in August, and completion scheduled for November at the latest, the beginning of the season this year was observed in March, what impact is likely, forcing the construction works in a number of projects.

It is difficult to say what will end the current state of affairs, given that too many projects in one way or another depend on Western funds. And although the United States and European Union imposed sanctions to date have an impact far not all Russian companies, many foreign banks are not willing to take risks, preferring to deny loans to Russian borrowers.

Ukrainian enterprise for production of aluminum profiles are also experiencing considerable difficulties. Donetsk production has been stopped before 1 September, which was announced in early August, citing force majeure. Donetsk production oriented to the production of aluminum profiles, engaged in manufacturing standard, interior and architectural profiles as well as profiles on order, having at its disposal presses 8, 4 painting line and anodising line. However, to date, the company is in a combat zone, that adversely affects its performance.

Arisen difficult relations between Ukraine and Russia is not the best way affect joint projects. In particular, the corporation «Rosnano» and «of Alcoa» decided to break the agreement on partnership in the project for the production of drill pipes made of aluminum with a protective

nano, intended for the oil and gas sector R. F. The first stage of the project will be implemented by «of Alcoa», while there is a possibility that the remaining stages «Rosnano» will return and continue.

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