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Ural Mining is planning an investment of $ 135.5 billion. RUB

Despite the fact that the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company decided during the 2012−2022 years to invest in the modernization of raw materials and security about 135.5 billion. RUB, there is no guarantee that the investment will pay off. Investment in the project may be reimbursed only if justified by an analytical forecast of the cost of metals. The investment program carried out by the UMMC, includes the use of both own and borrowed finances. Previous data provided by the company that made the reservation duration of the project from 2012 to 2016 with a size of 59.7 billion investment. RUB. For comparison, an investment program designed «Norilsk Nickel», provides investment of $ 2 billion. USD per year.

Ural Mining is the largest Russian producer of the red metal, occupying a 27th place rating Forbes in a series of private, the most important companies. In 2013, the production volumes of UMMC totaled 380,700 tonnes of copper cathode, which is lower than the previous year by 2.3%. For example, the company «Norilsk Nickel» smelted 371 thousand. Tons of products last year.

Among the most important projects of the company — an extension of the central production facility, «Uralelectromed» Ai, and Mining, the most important raw material of the asset; development of nickel deposits «Elan» and «Elkinskogo»; start underground mining at the copper-pyrite deposits «Safyanovskaya» and development of «Jubilee», «Lake» and «Podolsk» fields. At the same time the company's management did not provide more detailed data on the volume of investments necessary for the realization of projects.

To increase the production capacity of Ai GOK to 8 million. Tonnes of ore from the current 5.5 million. For the period 2012−2015 the company will invest about 20 bln. RUB. To date, developed assets of Ai field is approximately 400 mln. Tons, according to «Interfax» that the stock would get half a century. The volume of investment is already made 10,7mlrd. RUB, for the period from 2014 to 2015 planned investment of $ 5 billion. RUB. Also continuing improvement «Uralelectromed.» — In 2012, the investments made to increase production capacity to the present 360 thousand tons of cathode copper, amounted to 4.4 billion RUB, to build capacity for another 150 thousand tons is expected investment of $ 6 billion… RUB.

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