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"TALCO": production figures for January-June 2014 decreased

Sidzhouddin Salomzoda, the head of state supervision over the safe operation of the Industry and Mining Service, provided information on the significant reduction in aluminum production on «TALCO» GUP («Tajik Aluminum Company»). At this period of 980 available in producing electrolysis cells intended for light metal, only 362 are functioning, then the order of 35%. Decreased and the number of employees decreased by 30−35% — of the approximately 13 000 employees are now working around 8000. The decrease of production capacity, according to Sidzhouddina Salomzoda, it depends on the financing and supply of foreign raw materials for metal production. In addressing these issues, the company can operate in normal mode, regardless of the global cost of aluminum.

According to information data «Tajik Aluminum Company» from January to June 2014 to smelt 36,000 tons of primary metal, and the production decreased by 60% compared to the same period last year, when the volume of production is about 60 000 tonnes. This decline is explained by a decrease in the value of global production of aluminum — the company is economically unprofitable to increase production capacity at such low prices for the product.

However, the aluminum industry is not so hopeless — the company «Alkoa» and «Saudi Arabia Mining» joined forces for the manufacture of the first roll of aluminum in the company owned by them. The plant, the most advanced in technical terms throughout the region, the first in the Middle East focused on the production of rolled products for the automotive and food industry and construction. The plant is equipped with modern technical means, such as an automated system for moving and storage products and waste, and transport vehicles and cranes that do not require operator control. Automated processes make it possible to greatly increase the efficiency and production. The fully-integrated industrial complex include aluminum smelting enterprises in the amount of 740 million. Tons, plants that produce 1.8 mln. Tons of alumina, a mine with an annual production capacity of 4 million. Tonnes of bauxite, and the enterprise for the production of rolled aluminum, equipped with a hot-rolling mills with a capacity of 380 thousand tons.

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