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"Severstal" and ChTPZ not against collaboration

«Severstal» company and a group of «Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant» (ChTPZ) in the course of the Coordinating Council reaffirmed its readiness for a possible joint cooperation in the fuel and energy complex of significant pipeline projects. During the meeting, representatives of the companies discussed the issues concerning the industrial production of corrosion-resistant material grades, produced by «Severstal» for ChTPZ, stages of technical cooperation and the possibility of reducing the time limits provided for the shipment of steel products supplied for the manufacture of pipes. According to Alexander Golodyagina, head of strategic communication management ChTPZ benefit gained from the joint work of enterprises, supported by good performance and if there is a shared vision tandem «Severstal» -CHTPZ will work even more effectively.

The company already has experience of joint cooperation — «Severstal» and «Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant» in 2013, embody the project «Creation of the supply process control systems», achieving in the process of reduction in the logistics and related information to improve order fulfillment costs. Dmitry Gorshkov, who is the director of marketing sales company «Severstal Russian Steel», I am sure that joint projects provide an opportunity to improve quality throughout the supply chain of goods on delivery in the process of competitive advantage and allows us to participate in key projects of oil and gas trunk.

Deliveries of «Severstal» for ChTPZ include hot rolled sheets used in the construction of oil and gas and line pipe; last year's shipment volume amounted to more than 91 thousand tons, exceeding 2012 figures by 76%.

In addition, JSC «Severstal» has signed an agreement with the Chinese company «Henan Xibao Metallurgy Group Co., LTD» regarding the supply of equipment for continuous casting of steel in order to obtain high-quality performance for shtripsovogo metal. The agreement is another step in strengthening cooperation between the two companies. The Chinese company delivers slag-forming mixtures for pipe assortment of «Severstal», since 2006. New equipment is supplied free of charge in order to enhance the SCO supplies.

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