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The market began to stabilize

The market of steel and iron ore sighed with some relief, which was stimulated by the emergence of indications authorities regarding a possible state to stimulate the economy. These measures have a positive impact on the state of world prices, and the growth of business activity in the offing. In particular, the contract value of the September delivery on the Dalian Commodity Exchange iron ore per day increased by CNY 24 / tonne to CNY 717 / tonne — and that, since the 28th of last month, the highest rate. The contract price of rebar on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since October delivery increased by CNY 36 / ton, reaching a level of CNY 3,115 / tonne — the highest bracket from 29 of last month. However, not everything is as it should be — quite a reasonable demand for the finished product may be adversely affected to such a rapid improvement in performance. In addition, there are fears that the discourse about slowing economic growth in the level of government invariably lead to the loss of stability achieved in the last week.

Gradually increases the volume of ferroalloys produced by the Chinese — in May of this year, figures increased by 9.8%, amounting to 3 million. 209.2 thousand tons versus last year's same period, is 2 million. 922,500 tons. In comparison with indicators have improved by 4.3% this year, May data. The total volume of production for the period January-May 2014 amounted to 15.616 700 tons, compared with the same period last year to 14.87 600 tonnes up 10.9%.

According to the data, which were provided by World Steel, the CIS steel production increased by 1.9% compared to the annual volume for the May period of the current year. In a more detailed consideration of crude steel production in Kazakhstan increased by 12.6% compared to May, amounting to 310,000 tons compared to 275,000 tons. Belarus reduced the figures by 0.8%, from 232 000 tonnes to 230 000 tonnes. Russia increased its output by 0.6% — 6.053 million tons against 6.014 million tons in the last month… Moldova grew by 45 000 tonnes.

Indicators of Ukrainian production also increased — the total amount of crude steel increased by 2.2% to 2.756 million tonnes in May 2013 to 2.818 million tonnes in the last month… Uzbekistan reduced the figures by 0.2%.

In general obhem smelted products in the period January-May of the current year compared to the same period last year fell by 7.1%, in Belarus by 11.2% in Ukraine. Russian indices increased by 0.3%, and Kazakhstan — by 14.5%. Data on the Republic of Moldova and Uzbekistan remained at the same level.

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