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Lysva Metallurgical Plant expands

End of June for Lysva plant marked the beginning of construction of a new production plant for the production of cold-rolled, the first object among other planned buildings of sheet-rolling factory complex. This project is the most significant for the Perm Territory in terms of financial investments and future prospects in the socio-economic sphere, as well as cash payments to the budget growth and create more jobs.

Management of the company enlisted the support of the Perm Territory government officials on the issue of the implementation of construction works. Successful implementation of the Project will be able to in 3 or more times to increase production capacity, expand the range of manufactured goods, to ensure the production of cold rolled. The investments are estimated at about 22 bln. RUB, and the annual power plant according to preliminary estimates will be about 750 thousand tons.

Construction work will be carried out in several stages. The first priority is to install a coating line of polymers using Printech technology — it will be a kind of pilot project, because previously this type of production in the Russian Federation was not made. The next phase will start in 2016. The cold rolling operation, will now be put into operation the second plant — this step will be held until 2020. At work it is planned to use the gas cleaning system, whose efficiency is about 90%.

This project aims to increase the production capacity of the plant, which will strengthen the position Lysva plant market galvanized products. The company continues to increase the power — plant performance in the first quarter of this year increased by 32.6% compared to the same period last year, which amounted to about 55,300 tonnes. These improvements were made possible thanks to the program, which allows to increase machine utilization, increasing yield, respectively, decreases downtime. In the separation by type of product production of cold rolled construction increased by 1.3% and amounted to 4.3 thousand tons, release of products with polymer coatings increased and a half times, reaching 43.6 thousand tons. In contrast, the production of galvanized rolled products decreased by 12.4%, which amounted to 7.3 thousand tons, which is significantly influenced by decrease in production vehicles by Russian producers.

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