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«Essar Steel» plans to increase production capacity

The Indian company «Essar Steel», a leading steel producer in the country, plans to increase the performance, starting from the second quarter of this year — according to preliminary calculations, the production of steel plate factory «Hazira», the largest enterprise flat products will increase by at least 30% it will be about 85 thousand tons. For comparison — in the first quarter, the volume of output amounted to 65 thousand tons.

«Essar Steel» is considered to be the most multi-functional enterprise for the production of flat steel — the range consists of pipes and wide plates, cold rolled, hot-rolled and galvanized steel, and steel pipes with coatings made of polymeric materials. The company uses an integrated system of distribution business, including the availability of service centers, focused on the manufacture of metal structures and processing of steel. «Essar Steel» works with a strong network of distributors, which allows a wide distribution of products in the production of household appliances, mechanical engineering, automotive and shipbuilding.

The company also expects to focus its efforts on the production of steel plates with high added value. Not so long ago «Essar Steel» received an order from the company «Saurashtra Narmada» on the production and supply of tubular products. To date, the company's annual production capacity is 14 million tons of carbon steel products.

Stupino Metallurgical Company is also increasing its capacity by launching into operation a new plant. Just recently, high-temperature furnace, along with cooling installation was put into operation for the heat treatment of aircraft drives. Stage mounting installation changed commissioning, after which the equipment will be available for use. New installations meet all technological requirements and a high degree of accuracy — error when heating is only ± 7 degrees in the working temperature range of 690 to 1220 degrees Celsius. The volume of processed products is about 2 tons, soon expected to automate the loading and unloading of workpieces.

Subsequently, it is planned to supplement the furnace lines for precision cooling products regulated forced ostuzhivaniem in water, air, polymer solutions and rail manipulator, equipped with an automated control system.

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