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Zaporozhye Titanium plant increases capacity

As the press-service of «Group DF», Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Works, part of the company, continues ahead of the schedule for the production of finished products, established in 2014. In particular, in April of this year to implement the titanium sponge indices increased by 34.5% compared to the previous month, which sostavilo710 tons against 528, respectively. In general, for 4 months from the beginning of the year the Company produced 2,001 tons of titanium sponge; this figure higher than originally planned 3.7%.

The increase in capacity is ensured through the planned technical modernization of production is largely due to investments «Group DF» — according to the director of the plant Vladimir Sivak, only the first four months of this year, «Group DF» financial ensure that the work aimed at the implementation of projects for strategic development and improvement, in the amount of 4.67 million hryvnia. In addition to the overhaul of the equipment was allocated about 4.73 million hryvnia. The program is aimed at the technical improvement of the plant consists of several stages, each of which provides a certain amount of investment. In case of successful implementation of all phases of the annual volume of titanium sponge can reach 40 thousand tons. This increase will give Ukraine the opportunity to increase their share in the global release of the sponge with 5% (currently) to 14%.

In late May, at the plant began testing new equipment and processes developed by melting titanium alloys and ingots. This process is higher, qualitatively new stage in the development of titanium industry in Ukraine, allowing to produce products with increased added value. Deep processing of titanium resources will allow Ukraine to enter the world of high technology level. for the development of titanium production program in Ukraine provides for an investment of $ 2.5 billion. USD till 2017.

Dmitry Firtash, Chairman of «Group DF» Board sure that titanium — the future of the industry, Ukraine is fully able to achieve in the industry decent level, despite the fact that now the country is only beginning to develop in this direction. In the long term — creating partner base, the expansion of product mix, product certification and the launch of large-scale production processes.

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