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The unrest in the style of ferroalloys

Ferroalloys production and pricing policy for such an important construction material depends on many factors, from the raw material cost to the price of the necessary energy in the production cycle. It is also an important role in the formation of price policy in the industrial sector plays a ratio of supply and demand of finished goods. Recently, the Chinese giant industrial complex for production of ferrosilicon manganese silicate and published in the media their new prices for the products since June deliveries. The price of the material formed in the course of the tender combat multiple buyers and was finally announced after a full bidding and signing the necessary contracts. Currently, cost value of one ton of ferrosilicon (a useful content of the concentrate of 72%) increased by about forty local currency in relation to the supply of the May and from the beginning of the summer will be about 5890 yuan. Such buyers are willing to pay the price with the full provision of transportation of goods to their destination by the manufacturer and the ability to pay for raw materials to accept the bill. Manganese silicate soared in value terms even higher, its final price as compared with the May figures by June will grow by at least fifty yuan. Although the delivery condition of the finished product are identical to the previous ferroalloys. In contrast to the increase in the price of Chinese ferro-alloys ferrosilicon Indian origin on the other hand it shows the wonders of speed and stability. The price of such material did not vary, and according to analysts, will not change in any direction in the next seven days. This trend in the Indian ferroalloys production sector due to the presence of strong demand for material from consumers. By the way this stability of the value expression of valuable raw materials is not always indicative of a good industry development and growth of productive capacity. In this section opposite the absence of price fluctuations on the Indian ferro-silicon due to very low demand for goods and the absence of any movement in this direction. Higher energy prices may disrupt the delicate balance of such a situation and to deduce from the category of relative stability quickly.

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