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stainless steel cost increases

According to data provided by the company «Yieh.Corp.», A leading Taiwanese Metallurgical Corporation «Yusco» («Yieh United Steel Corporation») in June, plans to increase the price of stainless steel, so that the prices of goods intended for supply to the domestic market will increase by 9 thousand Taiwan dollars per ton. export value increased from $ 300 to $ 400 per ton. Despite the earlier decision in March, a decision on the immutability of the prices of goods for the domestic market, an increase in the cost of production of stainless steel was carried out in May. In particular, the price of 300 series products have increased by NT $ 6500 per ton. export value increased by 220−250 dollars per ton.

Higher prices are not spared of another leader of the world steel market, the Chinese company «Baosteel Stainless» — the cost of supplies to the domestic market, in particular, the variety of goods 304, this month increased by 3.5 thousand yuan per ton, representing a tonne of order 20−21 million yuan. In June, the South Korean company «POSCO Specialty Steel» is also increasing prices — austenitic stainless steel wire rod for the domestic market will grow by 200 thousand won per tonne. In addition to increasing the cost of production is reduced output — only in April in Japan, production fell by 6.18% and the amount of melting was 268.379 thousand tons. At the same time it increased the volume of imported products: an increase of 46.7% in March compared to the same period last year, which amounted to 22.793 thousand tons.

In April of this year, Russian companies have increased production of steel pipes and rolled steel, for the period from January to April the volume of output amounted to 3.2 million tons (steel pipe) and 19.7 million tonnes (ferrous metals). Production grew by 0.4% in 2014 over the previous year, in April this year compared to the same period last year edition of rolled products and pipes increased by 2,5% and 3,5%. In comparison with the March figure this year, rolled products decreased by 2.3% and the production of steel pipes increased by 1%. The volume of steel issued for the period from January to April 2014 amounted to 22.9 million tons, down from last year's figures by 0.4%. In 2013, the April period, an increase of 1.5% in 2014 to the March production decreased by 1.6% — that such data is provided by the Federal State Statistics Service.

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