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Cost reduction in the production of manganese, nickel and iron ore due to staff reductions

Lowering the cost of production for many enterprises of the steel complex or the extraction of non-ferrous metal cover is not only of paramount necessity, and sometimes the only way to survive in the harsh business space. Therefore, these companies are leaders on a variety of tricks to achieve the cherished goal of a complete re-equipment and implementation of new, more efficient technologies to the preservation of the particularly unprofitable production capacity. However, if such measures sometimes require additional initial investment and can give results only in a very distant future, that is more effective and quickest way to achieve the same result — reduce production staff. Known worldwide mining concern called «BHP Billiton» went in a simpler way. To start the corporation management revised the load compartment of office workers in iron ore and could free up more than a hundred people from the working process. Against the background of the general trend of price decline in the global trading space section for production «BHP Billiton» such a reorganization managers allowed a little to reduce production costs. Regarding social security staff reductions industrial giant manual voted ambiguous. For some employees as possible podyschut new jobs in other departments of the company, the other part of the laid-off workers will provide all possible financial assistance. The size of the help and terms of payments were not specified. Further reorganization of production due to the intensification of work and the release of the employees can relate to the company's mines and alumina refining businesses. Incidentally industrial mining concern recently announced the possibility of sale of some production capacity to another owner. The first in the list proposed for the sale of production falls redistribution of nickel. Scope of the British concern lately has been quite varied and extended from the extraction of nickel, manganese, carbon and titanium to development of oil and gas deposits. The owners of the company believe that in light of the economic crisis in the European community some business optimization will only benefit corporations.

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