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RUSAL: ready for production of a new product

According to representatives of the corporation Rusal, now the company is ready to start production of a new product, which is a flat ingots 6xxx series, which have been used in the manufacture of automotive car body panels. This product has been successfully certified company, owned by one of the European leaders in the production of rolled products, and RUSAL is ready to proceed to the delivery of products. Releases bars are at the Sayanogorsk aluminum smelter.

Until recently, for over 3 years RUSAL has filled the market rolling ingots 5xxx-series, which have been successfully used in the manufacture of car bodies. However, the new brand will give Rusal excellent opportunity to strengthen its position in the automotive industry, which tends to dynamic growth. The project, which includes the production of ingots and 6xxx series 5xxx, held RUSAL to increase the volume of the VCP (value added products) in the total amount of aluminum smelting. This production at the Sayanogorsk plant is realized through the implementation of project for modernization of foundry equipment. The volume of investment in this project amounted to currently about 23 million. USD, the final phase of the project is expected in the current year. Expected annual production capacity of 100 thousand tons of alloys.

Now, when the global aluminum market expects the deficit to a level that will exceed 1.3 mln. Tons, many companies understand the need for production adjustments. Earlier RUSAL analysts were more optimistic, relying on raw materials and trade infrastructure and aluminum predicting a deficit of 1.2 mln. Tons. However, in 2013 it was only 306 thousand tons. According to Oleg Deripaska, CEO of RUSAL which is an average increase in consumption 3hletny period was 7% and analysts provide further growth for 3−4 years at a rate of not less than 6%.

Earlier, representatives of the corporation believed that the world of light metal consumption in 2018 will increase by 27% relative to the volume of 2013, which will amount to 66 million tons. This rapid growth for at least 5 years will meet the growing consumption on the part of certain sectors, such as transport, construction, electric power, which will provide a total of 11 million gain. Tons.

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