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"Gai GOK": "New" Mine was put into operation

According to the UMMC press-service on Gaisky GOK carried out trial operation of the mine «New» and the launch of the latest stage of Ore-preparation production complex. In this case, the construction work on the preparation of new projects invested 2.8 billion. And RUB 2.9 bln. RUB, and the beginning of their work will provide 150 new jobs. Commissioning of the new mine will allow replenishment of retired industrial capacity of the upper horizons of the mine, with the depth of the trunk will be 1 tys.418 meters. All work on the construction of the second mining and processing plant were carried out without interruption of the main production. And Andrew Kozitsin, Director-General of UMMC, and Iskandar Makhmudov, UMMC president, say that, thanks to the work carried out by UMMC raw material base is now at a new stage of development and is not the limit, as the plant continues to be updated. Today it is a modern stable production with innovative technologies, providing its employees with comfortable working conditions.

The development of the mine «New» and the construction of the third stage of the complex with the use of a semi-autogenous grinding technology are the key points for the two most important enterprise development projects, including the development of horizons at depths of 830−1310m of the mine, as well as the expansion of concentrating production in order to increase the productive capacity of up to 9 million tons.

plant development program is estimated at 23 billion. RUB, currently put into operation the reconstructed mine «cage», carried out construction work at the mine «Northern Ventilation-2» made «operational» deepening of the mine and carried out preparatory work for the deepening of «skip» mine. Besides being the construction of the new crushing and conveying systems and conveyor galleries. The main objective of the project — increase the production capacity of the mine from 5.5 million tonnes to 7 million tonnes per annum.

Copper-pyrite deposit assets of Ai, there are about 400 million tons of raw materials, ensuring the work of the plant for at least 50 years. This field has not been studied fully and according to experts, with additional exploration can provide about 200 million. M. Of copper ore.

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