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Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises reduce export earnings

In the period from January to April of this year, export revenues produced at the metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine ferrous metals decreased by 6.5% compared to the same period last year, which amounted to 4,628,110 mln. USD. According to customs statistics provided by the Ministry of income and fees, the proportion of exports of ferrous metals by the total volume was 24.02% for the period, whereas in the past year in January-April amounted to 22.52%. In general, during the April period of this year, revenues from the export of ferrous metals Ukraine amount to 1 billion 153 507 000. USD.

With regard to the import of products in the period from January to April 2014 its volume was reduced by 37%, amounting to 434 746 000. USD, whereas for the same period last year indices of imported goods amounted to 690.388 million. USD. Indicators of April this year amounted to 111 616 000. USD.

Ukrainian exports of metal products for the period from January to April of this year fell by 36.9%, amounting to 580 877 000 USD. (For comparison — the data the same period in 2013 amounted to 920 422 000 USD.). Indices in April 2014 amounted to 186 804 000. USD. In general, imports decreased by 19.3% over the four-month period, which amounted to 292,500 mln. USD (last year the same period amounted to 362,454,000 data. USD). April import volumes constitute 70,766,000. USD.

Reduced revenue at the metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine, which depend on exports of ferrous metals in 2013 compared to last year's data was 6.7% (14 bn. 319 273 000. USD), in general, black metal was imported in 2013 to $ 2 billion. 230 664 000. USD. The amount of revenue received by Ukraine from exports of metal products in 2013 amounted to 2 billion. 589 826 000. USD, whereas the figures of 2012 amounted to 2 billion. 837 249 000. USD. The amount of imported goods amounted to 1 mlrd.205,053 mln. USD, prior period figures were 1 billion. 283.280 mln. USD.

Statistical data for January-April of this year the production of ferroalloys, provided by the Ukrainian Association producers of this product, look a little better for a specified performance period compared to the same period last year increased by 27.1%, amounting to 330,500 tons. Ferromanganese production while increased by 20.1%, which amounted to 32.3 thousand tons of silicomanganese — by 17%, which amounted to 237,900 tons, ferrosilicon output increased by 2.2 times and amounted to 60.3 thousand tons.

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