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Ukraine: in the metallurgical field are declining

Despite the fact that in April of this year, Ukrainian crude steel production decreased by 4.5% compared to the same period of 2013, amounting to 2,625 million tons, Ukraine currently ranks 9th among the world's producers, shifted to 10 place Turkey. In general, the data for January-April of this year, Ukrainian producers occupy the 10th position with a score of 10.144 million tons, which is 8.9% lower than the same period of 2013. Location leader in steel production according to the results of the April 2014 reserves the PRC, producing 68,835,000 tons of steel, compared with the April figure is higher by 2.1%.

Further places in the ranking are occupied producing countries in the following order:

2nd place — Japan, production decreased by 2.5%, amounting to 8.939 million tons.

3rd place — the US, production decreased by 1.6% (7.027 million tons.);

4th place — India, increased by 5.3%, that is 7.015 million tons.

5th place — South Korea, increased by 10.8% (6.098 million tons.);

6th — Russia, increased by 0.7%, which amounted to 5.8 million tons.

7th place — Germany, an increase of 3.9% (3.707 million tons.);

8th place — Brazil, production fell by 5.1% to 2.767 million tons.

10th place — Turkey, production decreased by 9.1%, amounting to 2,620 million tons.

Analyzing the big picture, we can say that in April of this year, 65 countries competing for ranking places the WSA, increased volumes of products manufactured by 1.7% compared to the same period last year, which amounted to approximately 136.6 million. Tons. Looking at the figures for the period from January to April 2014, we can say that the leading position still retains China, increased from the same period last year by 2.7% to 271.9 million. Tons. They are followed by:

Japan — with indicators of 36.5 million tonnes due to increased production by 2%.

. United States — production 28.6 million tons, an increase of 0.1%;

India — due to an increase of 2.5% the volume of production amounted to 27.8 million tons.

South Korea — a 7.6% increase, which amounted to 23.8 million tons.

Russia — 0.1% increase in the volume of production amounted to 22.9 million tons.

Germany — an increase of 4.3%, which is 15 million tons.

Brazil — an increase of 0.1%, the volume of production of 11.1 million tons.

Turkey — decrease in volumes of 2.7%, which amounted to 11 million tonnes.

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