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Collection of used batteries in Odessa is able to save the ecology of the region

Unique in scope and purpose share held librarians northern part of the Odessa region. The main slogan of the event was the credo of «the man who has passed the spent battery — kept their land.» A poster with a similar treatment of culture simply hung in the halls of the library and other places with large concentrations of people's. During the whole time of collecting batteries workers Kotovsky district gathered more than fifty kilograms of utilization of raw materials of chemical industry. By the way the idea of ​​such an action has been developed by librarians in the context of the overall program in the environmental field, multi-year and aimed at improving the environmental situation in the Odessa region. What is the connection of spent batteries and the surrounding reality, but the most direct. It is in these small batteries contain highly corrosive and hazardous chemical compounds such as cadmium, nickel, manganese, zinc, and even mercury. If the batteries are not disposed of properly, but simply thrown to the ground, then over time the heavy metals are absorbed into the soil and systematically destroy it, thus impoverishing the land wealth of our country. And the content of the infected area with just one battery pencil can be evaluated in a few tens of square meters. For substances like cadmium, nickel, mercury and zinc harm not only the natural resources of the state, but also to human health. Since even a small amount of one of these toxins can cause severe poisoning in humans and even fatal. If the period of use of chemical batteries insides are protected by a metal shell, after the failure of the ejection of worthless and simple battery protective capsule is gradually degraded by contact with the soil. After the complete destruction of chemical reagents fall into the interior of the earth's surface in its entirety and begin owl detrimental effect on all life around. Finding the way in the soil so dangerous elements fraught with irreparable consequences. After all, over time the chemicals can get into the groundwater and groundwater, with a current which will be delivered to the poison in lakes, rivers and other water bodies, thus extending the zone of disaster. Environmental action carried out by librarians from the Odessa region is extremely important in the context of conservation, as the ecology of the region and the health of indigenous inhabitants of these territories. All batteries are collected by volunteers, will be sent to the plant «Argentum», located in Lviv, to follow the proper and safe disposal.

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