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RUSAL: Equipment for the Aluminium Division acquired

United Company RUSAL to increase productivity at its affiliated companies were purchased more than 80 units of various equipment intended for mechanization of processes. Last year the volume of investments designed to develop, purchase and repair of specialized equipment for the aluminum industry amounted to about 132 million rubles.

The project provides for the mechanization of technological processes in working with the electrolyzer, demanded the purchase of 10 trucks with hydraulic hammer «Bobcat», with high maneuverability, which were aimed at the Bratsk aluminum smelter. Company «Hencon» specially for KrAZ has been designed and manufactured specialized machine Electrolysis, equipped with a set of hinged instruments. In the aluminum companies Novokuznetsk, Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk in the framework of diesel trucks in the amount of 60 pieces were told off in the past year, the cost of which amounted to more than 42 million rubles. Also two special machines for loading of anode paste were purchased for IrkAZ and NkAZ.

In Krasnoyarsk the company continues implementation of the program this year, aimed at transition of processes carried out by means of domestic diesel processing technology. The main objective of the project — to reduce production costs and subsequent maintenance of machines. The company's specialists were able to maintain prices at the 2009 level and significantly reduce the cost of major repairs and the production of art. Last year, in accordance with the project was made 9 specialized units in 2014 is scheduled for release 7 units of processing machines, with the development and manufacture of machine introduced on the drive. In addition to the above at the Krasnoyarsk plant, work is continuing to modernize the cranes.

Evgeny Nikitin, who is the director of the aluminum business of UC RUSAL, sure that mechanization of labor guarantees not only efficient consumption of resources, but also allows you to greatly reduce production costs while maintaining and improving its quality. This growing environmental parameters, significantly increases productivity and increases the importance and prestige of working professions.

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