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UC RUSAL: production of aluminum rod

In April this year the company RUSAL in the production of aluminum rod has been invested more than five and a half million. USD. At the Irkutsk aluminum plant planned introduction of manufacturing processes for the production of aluminum-zirconium rod; Initial product samples have been offered to consumers and have been vetted.

At the moment, experts worked out the technology of production of wire rod, as well as undertake the necessary certification of products from the leading manufacturers of cable and wire products in Russia. Also, an agreement was signed with the company «Seco Warwick», providing supply to the Irkutsk company electrothermal equipment in September this year. It is expected that the site will be ready for operation by early next year and then start to work on complex heat treatment plant capacity of around 3 m. Tons per year. The project for the production of wire rod in 2010 received a grant according to the decision of the Government of R. F. It has been developed the necessary unique equipment, obtained patents on alloys, ultimately the company's share should amount to 80% of the total production of wire rod in the Russian market.

The main consumer products — distribution network and energy companies. The use of the rod conductors enables a significant increase in the capacity of transmission lines to the same aluminum-zirconium rod perfectly replaces the initially used in the automotive bundles of copper wire.

Not all so smoothly at the Zaporozhye aluminum plant, where the company RUSAL produces aluminum rod for cable production. As reported by ITAR-TASS office, production has been suspended due to lack of demand for products. aluminum smelting in the enterprise was stopped back in 2011 because of the high cost of electricity. The capacity of the enterprise is sufficient for the production of the annual production volume of 20 thousand. Tons, so that the Ukrainian authorities are searching for a new investor, who still failed. Until the closure of the production of the talk is not maintained, on the contrary, planned repairs to the furnace unit. However, the guide does not mention a specific time frame repair and renewal sales.

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