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One of the active participants of the rallies against nickel mining on Khoper still under arrest

Environmental Activity nickel mining opposition in the field located in Chopra area lasts from the beginning of geological prospecting in the area. At the moment of the most ardent opponents of environmental revolt in custody, but the situation is far from logical conclusion. Currently, the court is located in Tver decided to extend the detention of the most ardent supporters of the ban start nickel production, Igor Zhitnevo. This decision has caused law enforcement a new wave of indignation in the camp of the People's Militia. Added strength of the fact that the duration of the investigation is limited to six months, in respect of which the ecologist has long expired in legal way. According to investigators, this measure is necessary to reliably examine the situation from all sides. However, the security coordinator of movement belies the arguments of the investigation, telling the media that over the past six months, the competent authorities did not even bother to interview all witnesses. The desire to extend the detention to take custody environmentalist like unsuccessful attempts to hold illegal man without sufficient evidence. The headquarters of the People's Militia outraged so much injustice. Activists accuse the consequence of collusion with the owners of the mining company, which is interested in the continuation of geological exploration for promising nickel deposit. Not so long ago, the owners of the mining enterprises of the Ural militia tried to negotiate with the financial means offering resistance asset large sum as compensation. Igor Rye refused the money, not betraying their goals. However, immediately after the failure of the ecologist was taken into custody on charges brought by representatives of the UGMK, who claimed that he Rye demanded financial compensation for the removal of people's posts. former colleague Igor was caught on a bribe, who recently retired, but the company develops nickel deposit incriminated Zhitnevo conclusion of a criminal conspiracy with former friend, with a view to deflect suspicion from himself personally. Nickel battles going on, and who is still to win only time will tell. However, production of such harm for people and the environment is not in doubt.

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