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The ups and downs of the steel market

In recent years the situation on the steel market can not be called too stable. This market segment is reeling with enviable regularity. For example, US manufacturers continue to increase the spot price of hot-rolled plates. And this trend is accompanied by increased scrap costs and longer terms of delivery of materials to consumers. Now the average price of such semi-finished products ranges from eight hundred to eight hundred twenty dollars. In turn, Japanese manufacturers are not going to keep up with the Americans, and increase the cost of semi-finished and rolled products of stainless steel of various grades. Currently, the cash equivalent of one ton of stainless steel products has already reached twenty thousand Japanese yen. Incidentally rolled products such as ferrite have already exceeded the price limit of five thousand yen. The reason for all that is happening was the increase in nickel prices and fehroma. After all, these materials are essential components of stainless steel production. Therefore, the rise in prices for such ingredients could not be reflected in the final cost of the finished product. In addition, a situation fueled decline in the official exchange rate of the national Japanese currency.

Not far behind the general price growth and steel products from America. The growth of its monetary equivalent as of February of this year has reached record highs. The most popular products of this type in the world today are rolled semi-finished products, sheet metal and thin sheet production. On average, the price is increased from eleven to fifty two percent, depending on the type of product. The unprecedented rise observed in the production of wire rod, because of its cost growth has exceeded eighty percent of last year's values. Also, do not hand over their positions, reinforced rods, metal sheets with a special anti-corrosion protective coating, zinc-plated semi-finished and special alloys for the refining industry. Despite the increase in the cost of production, US imports increased slightly. During the first months of this year, this increase amounted to about one percent. The way is currently a need for stainless steel and high-quality steel is growing. For many industries rely on such a resistant and durable material in its activities.

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