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Lead - a poison medicine

The line between use and mortal danger is so shaky and vague that it is not always possible to say with the benefit or harm carries a drug to the human body. And not so long ago, many drugs that are presently considered to be very dangerous poisons can be bought in an ordinary pharmacy with full approval of the attending physician. So tincture based on asbestos and lead actively used for the preparation of a lotion for infants and lead acetate in ancient Rome added wine beverage sweetness. By the way the Romans, rather, actively used lead and its compounds in their daily lives. For example, not only in paint for outdoor surfaces, but even in the hair coloring compositions included a dangerous substance. After examining the facts it can be argued that the catch phrase beauty requires sacrifice, Roman beauties completely understood immediately and directly. Also it lead alloys used in folk arts and crafts. Find the dangerous component could be as in painting plates and other kitchen stuff, and in the manufacture of pipes for water supply to the houses and baths. Few of the doctors of ancient Rome thought about the relationship between the use of lead and more frequent diseases of inhabitants of large cities, in addition, this material is so actively used by no one connected with frequent changes of mood Indigenous Romans and there are conflicts everywhere on the background of the general temper and irritability. Although modern medical professional, looking back at the events of that old age can safely draw a clear relationship between the amount of lead to material used in one or another area of ​​health and population defined territory or district. Incidentally it may be noted that ancient civilizations believed lead not only not dangerous, and even useful. In ancient Rome, among other things, lead is one of the important component parts of the drug to the eye. Who is like the drug is unlikely anyone would want to buy, but in those days from those who want to improve their vision lead ointments there was no release. With such a different judgment of the same materials, in conjunction with the fundamental changes in views on many indisputable truth of the past can be said with certainty that the only time puts everything in its place and defines the benefit or harm of various substances. So do not take the time to try to imagine a popular medicine, however it is not actively promoted even eminent and respected people.

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