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Checking the safety of operations at a nickel mine in the Voronezh

Long-term environmental confrontation with the owners of a large group on nickel production, which unfolded in the vast land of Voronezh, has led to unexpected consequences. Finally, the authorities have decided to listen to the fears and indignation of indigenous people and to appoint an official test work on the deposit for environmental safety. This honorable duty entrusted to the Russian natural surveillance management. This decision was taken at a meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Nature of the Russian Federation from the twenty-first of March. At this meeting, presentations were made on all issues related to the conduct of geological exploration and evaluation of promising deposits of nickel and other nonferrous metals in the Voronezh region. Also very active experts discussed the position of regional environmental organizations risk value for natural resources, which is caused by the active extraction of non-ferrous metals here. In addition to environmental hazards has not gone unnoticed, and the danger for the health of the inhabitants of the surrounding areas. It also heard reports on the production features of the developers themselves and technologies to minimize the harmful effects of development on the landscape of the region and people's health. Inc. deposits the developer reported that the first plans to deal with not only the geological exploration and evaluation of the prospects of this field. Along with economic issues mining company set up to undertake a study of the background environment. After completion of the work on geological exploration, the finished project a promising field development will be given to the judgment of an independent environmental impact assessment. Moreover, during the hearing will consider the views of indigenous people of the area. Minister of the Russian Federation requested the nature created for this purpose, the Commission carry out a preliminary check on the correctness of conducting geological research works, as well as to evaluate the validity of all the comments people in the region. After checking the results will be open to the general public, such as the principle of full transparency the Minister recommend to stick and mining concerns.

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