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Renewal of steel production in China

After a long lull, China's economy has begun to show some signs of activity that immediately instilled optimism in the souls of many industrialists European arena. According to independent sources like taking off quite noticeable in a steel compartment. Daily production of steel products by the end of last month reached a record and amounted to more than two point twenty-seven hundredths of a million tons. The catalyst for the growth of this production was the expectation of the Chinese industrialists usual seasonal increase in demand for steel products. Typically, a significant increase in activity in the industrial complex and involves the construction of a significant increase in demand for high-quality steel products and other semi-finished steel sector. Peak activity according to analysts is expected in late spring. Initial predictions in this area is quite justified in the future experts predict a steady increase in buying activity, but at a slower pace. By the way this trend became noticeable not only in the Chinese retail sector. The famous steel company in Australia BHP has increased its quarterly figures almost twenty-three per cent. After the first success experts of analytical department of the metallurgical group changed their initial forecasts for a more favorable profit development and growth conditions. Only the Australian iron ore giant was about fifty million tons, which is almost a fifth higher than same period last year. In the reality of today, the company's management is developing a scheme to simplify asset, such a solution would allow to focus all their potential in the development of the most promising industries. Among the priority industries today for Australian companies awarded mining of iron ore and copper production. However, the growth of reserves of iron ore concentrate from several Chinese manufacturers able to break the analytical predictions and trigger a reduction in the purchase price of the material. Although if sensibly assess the situation may be noted that the Australian metallurgical concern it is able to withstand even a substantial price pressure. After all, its production capacity is much more developed than that of the closest competitors in the industry.

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