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Copper, nickel and tin in the Arctic - Russia and China pledge cooperation long

It has long arctic land attracted covetous glances of many countries, in fact, despite the deep snow and solid ice crust bowels of the Arctic are a variety of minerals and resources. The most conservative estimate in the ice field of the arctic expanses is not less than thirteen per cent of world oil reserves, a significant amount of gas, as well as the impressive reserves of nickel and tin ores, along with copper, gold, tungsten and many other valuable natural resources. Given a large enough interest in these lands among the other countries that have a certain territorial interests in the northern lands, Russia began to develop a strategy to protect its geopolitical interests in the region. At present, the development of rich Arctic fields is associated with certain difficulties. In fact, besides the construction of the mountain mining complexes, necessary investments in the development of transport systems and modern infrastructure. Additionally, you may need a military presence of Russian armed forces for the protection of commercial facilities from attack other states. Today, many Western countries are concerned and are not too happy with the division of the Arctic territories, so the situation to start mining there can not be called very favorable.

Taking into account the large amounts of investment in Arctic projects, Russia needs a partner who can provide full-scale assistance in the issue of mining. In light of today this role best suits China because this country's eastern Russian bind very strong economic relationship, which over time will only get stronger. And the partnership of two such strong powers in the field of Arctic development significantly weaken the position of all the other states that have on the northern continent's own interests. In addition to the Chinese partner has something to offer Russian as a down payment. Advanced technology, which has an Eastern country, leave behind all recognized world counterparts in the field of resource extraction. Also, Chinese investment can be very useful in the construction and infrastructure development in the very harsh climatic conditions.

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