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Still, copper fell

Until recently, the situation on the copper market remained relatively calm. Despite the fact that too much buying activity in this compartment was not observed, but the most important and sought after producers of the material were optimistic. However, since the beginning of March this year the situation began to rapidly worsen. To exacerbate the already difficult situation has led the Chinese corporate defaults, which not so long ago the government announced the eastern states. Moreover, the country's leadership has promised not to take any measures to prevent the crisis. Given the fact that copper production to the recent events have been very closely linked to the Chinese economy, the crisis in the economy could not be reflected in the copper trade in general. The decline in industrial activity and the Chinese production is observed for a long time. However, most manufacturers of non-ferrous metals considered similar situation a temporary phenomenon and skoroprohodyaschim. However, calm and quiet in the building of production facilities in the east were tightened, and the market of copper products was a little fever. The price of such raw materials start to decline quite sharply, a little stay at around three dollars and twenty cents. This inhibition is due to the presence of the support copper raw material costs. However, short-term precautionary measures to no avail, and the price of non-ferrous metals fell even lower, reaching the milestone of three dollars and eighteen cents. And many well-known global analysts agree that the current price of such raw materials — this is the last line, breaking through which decline in value will become an avalanche and with frightening speed roll down.

For several days, the majority of investors focused their attention on the information from the stock market. From that trend, which will take the direction of the copper in the near future will determine the fate of an entire industrial sector. If we manage to raise the ad valorem rate of this market segment, at least up to three dollars thirty cents, will, able to finish some increase in copper prices. Industrialists are very concerned about the situation and do not feel confidence in the future, in the very near future passions, apparently, will only grow, destabilizing the economic balance of many countries.

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