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"Russian Copper Company" modernizing "Karabashmed Group"

Comprehensive modernization of the copper-smelting enterprise «Karabashmed» actively continues — the plan developed by the group «Russian Copper Company», in addition to the replacement of obsolete equipment with more modern, characterized by increased safety and environmental protection, also includes the construction of new production buildings. At the moment, as part of the reconstruction work on the chemical and metallurgical complex enterprise made the construction of a sulfuric acid plant. The work of the new workshop will be held on a specially developed technology designed for recycling the gases of metallurgical processes, «DK / DA» («double contact / double absorption»). After all the reconstruction work will be completed and put into operation a new sulfuric acid plant, sulfur dioxide utilization is almost complete. In carrying out the full range of planned activities are expected to increase productivity of enterprises with annual rates of up to 120 000 tons of blister copper will also minimize damage to the environment.

At the moment, fully laid the foundation for industrial equipment, implemented zero and completed construction work on the construction of auxiliary buildings management infrastructure. Also the supply and the subsequent installation of equipment, in particular, is already assembled and pressure tested the main reactor is in full swing installation of washing and drying and absorption towers, carried out preparatory work for the installation of equipment. In the autumn of last year began operation of a rotary furnace-mixer from the company Kumera, Finland, at the moment it works in continuous mode.

Maintenance work carried out using Kumera oven, allow to significantly improve the technological characteristics of the process, since there is a more effective separation of slag and matte, which increases the percentage of material extracted from copper-bearing copper and thus has no additional damage to the environment.

The project for the reconstruction of «Karabashmed» was considered and approved back in 2012, in the same period, the decision was made at the public hearings to inform the public about the planned stages of commissioning of new equipment. This decision is respected without fail, «Russian Copper Company».

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