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Porcelain, pewter or silver for your kettle

Art tea, originated in ancient China, now confidently striding across the planet, gaining momentum and adding to its ranks more and more new fans. And if at the beginning of the nineteenth century in domestic areas were popular device for brewing of tea tin and silver, today the design of such products is so diverse that sometimes gets the most bizarre forms. Incidentally pewter finish tea service is widely used by masters today. After all, any fashioned glass or plastic product does not go to any comparison with small and exquisite capacity for the preparation of welding performed manually.

By the way, in the seventeenth century, the tin is widely used for the manufacture of household items and housewares. There are several reasons. Firstly, this material is relatively easily processed. Secondly, its natural natural shade looks original, presentable and elegant. Currently, in some houses can still be seen engraved pewter dishes with exquisite engraving or night table lamps from such a silvery material. By the way enough of the raw material produced from such containers to store food or liquid food. However, before such products to admire and take the time to get them, it is necessary to note the high toxicity of the popular material. Some tin compounds cause a negative impact on the internal organs and the whole system of the human body. So, at risk can be nervous system disorder which provokes convulsions and even paralysis. Do not ignore the drop in visual acuity, or dysfunction of the kidneys and liver. This may be why the modern world tin are hardly used in the food industry, it is no longer regarded as artistic material. Good compliance to various kinds of processing has led to the use of tin raw materials in many kinds of folk art, from sculpture business, to manufacture original and exquisite ornaments or decorative elements of residential interior. Also look great wrought ensembles of similar material composition or structural wall panels in place. By the way very often in today's world tin finish is used in the manufacture of furniture.

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