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Mine is "new": the project came to the finish line

In order to increase production capacities of ore from 5.5 million. Tons to 6.5 mln. Tons per year underground mine of JSC «Gai GOK», which is now the raw complex of the Ural Mining, developed a strategic project, one of whose stages mine involves the reconstruction of the «New.» The project in question, provides for the complex of works on construction and reconstruction of objects related to the underground mine «of Ai GOK» — both on the surface and underground.

The reconstructed mine «New», which stem depth will reach 1,418 meters, designed for lowering and lifting of workers, as well as for the issue of ore. Start of operation was scheduled for 2014, the amount raised by the ore according to preliminary calculations, should add up to 4.5 million tons a year with floors from 830 to 1070 meters, which, in turn, will make it possible to reduce the load on the rest of the mine shaft.

As the head of the department of capital construction «Ai, mining and processing enterprise» Fanuza Fazletdinov, currently has completed the construction of pit head complex, whose height is 82 meters copra. And it is almost a record — high altitude only in copra «Operational» mine, its height is 104 meters and it is a kind of symbol of the city of Ai, and the mining and processing plant. Weight of the assembled metal constructions «New» more than 5 thousand. Tonnes.

Now the mine is working on anti-corrosion treatment of metal structures pit head object and copra, as well as mounted walling. About copra located objects related to the pit head complex, as well as building cage and skip lifting.

In works on the assembly Cage and skip trucks for lifting attended by engineers of the Czech company «INKO engineering», which is the supplier of the equipment. According to the power reserved to skip lift, not a single competitor of the lift systems operating in the «Gaisky mine.» The estimated carrying capacity is 50 tons and the speed of 12 m / sec.

In addition to reconstruction work at the mine «New» Gaisky GOK carried out the work to refurbish and deepen existing shafts — «Operational», «Cage», «The average ventilation». Work on the construction of the shaft is also produced «Northern Ventilation 2».

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