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Special Department of the Kazakh government, which considers questions of competition, decided to transform the company Silicium Kazakhstan to a new state structure under the name «Silicon Kazakhstan», with the support of the National Bank. Banking structure will give the new metallurgical silicon plant all of the assets of the former company. In this endeavor, the alternative will be attended by several investment corporations, equity that is not advertised in the wide media. The market value of the company Silicium Kazakhstan is estimated at about one hundred and seventy million US dollars. This silicon production plant built corporation «Titan». Now grandparent will be part of the new shareholders on the basis of share distribution. Today the «Titan» belongs only thirty million active participation in the project, all remaining funds came from foreign investors. Most of the assets in the new company invested in two well-known bank structure Kazakhstan. Sixty-three million are owned Development Bank of Kazakhstan, the shortfall in new silicon plant has put BTA Bank.
The main asset of the new formation is a complete export orientation. This activity of the company management of the plant began to actively develop nearly three years ago. Now the industrial complex mastered twenty-five thousand silicon production capacity, produced annually. The proceeds of the new enterprise is now more than forty million euros. However, analytical groups are concerned about the international situation in the silicon market. In their view, the demand for such raw materials in the near future will only fall as in domestic spaces, and in the context of the whole European community. Currently, assessment of the equivalent value of the enterprise is about two hundred and forty million.

Sophisticated production situation required innovative solutions that fully comply with the new time. Changing the orientation may give silicon plant a chance to rise and rapid growth in complex realities of modern life. Despite the lack of stability in the market of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, the company grows and looks forward to a bright future.

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