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Privatization of titanium industry in Ukraine

Titanium is an important strategic and industrial raw materials in national importance for Ukraine. Therefore, the governing echelon of the government is taking active steps for the privatization of such raw materials and full control over its production. The next step in this direction was the introduction of several important plants for the production of titanium alloys and production from it in the list of priority privatization. The first item in this list takes Irshansky Volnogorskiy mine and processing plant. However, at the present time due to unrest in the metal market and the volatile political situation in the country the conclusion of such transactions, not too favorably. Active interest in the assets of these companies shows and Steel Group under the name of Group DF under the leadership of businessman Dmitry Firtash. Currently, the tenant of the property assets of this metallurgical complex is the organization «Crimean Titan».

During privatization measures planned as part of the formation of the titanium complex of several independent equity groups. As the founders of the new community will include both the current management team of tenants and stakeholders from the new buyer. Individual share of the new owners will be determined after a thorough assessment of all property titanium giants. However, the public interest in privatization will be limited to only those assets that are transferred to the lease past contractual obligations. After all, at a time when it lays the initial lease, the cost of production capacity in certain plants estimated cash. Now a similar expression has changed significantly due to invest tenants, improvement of technological processes and equipment replacement. Since that time, the data in the enterprise investors invested over half a billion Ukrainian hryvnia. The money went to a complete upgrade of mining equipment, the improvement of energy sector development and processing compartment. To date, this group of companies is the largest earner of titanium and zirconium in the context of all European states. Such a monopoly is fully provides invaluable titanium not only the majority of Ukrainian industrial areas, but also countries both near and far abroad.

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