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Falling prices for ferromolybdenum Chinese production

Ferroalloys different metals are highly relevant to modern industry. Due to the high performance and the ability to increase the operational capacity of the entire alloy, which includes a similar material, such as ferromolybdenum products, ferrochrome or ferrovanadium come in many grades of structural steels and alloys for special purposes. Given the growth in consumer demand for such raw materials, the price increases and production develops. Moreover, given the high labor intensity of production of such material and building capacities in the field of production, suppliers offer can never fully cover the necessary volumes for consumption. This imbalance is reflected in the cost of raw materials of this type, causing a constant rise in the cost of an important construction material.

Recently, however, the metal on the stock exchange was a slight decline in prices of ferromolybdenum in China. This state of affairs analysts explain some calm and calmness in the development of Chinese industry, which was the main consumer of their own ferroalloys. Even individual orders received by manufacturers of high-quality steel in the last week, have not been able to stabilize the situation, ferromolybdenum continues to fall in price. After all, the last transaction concluded on the delivery of the material at a low enough cost that has had a very negative impact on the relevant market segment of the metal exchanges. Now the cash equivalent of ferromolybdenum is between 96 and 99 thousand yuan. However, it is worth noting that if the transactions at the upper limit of the price to pay for a purchase, you can accept the bill, the lower limit value of ferroalloy involves only cash settlement between the seller and the buyer. The overall decline in the prices of such raw materials to date ranged from one to two thousand yuan.

Despite some temporary difficulties befell ferromolybdenum market in the present, such materials are in high demand for semi-finished steel producers. After the addition of even small amounts of this material to a steel alloy contributes to obtaining the finished commodity products such as fine-grained structure, improve the mechanical properties and the expansion of the working temperature range.

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