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Nickel for jewelery

If until recently the most common material for the manufacture of jewelry were recognized luminaries such as gold, silver or platinum, and now, jewelry classic radically changed. Along with quite costly counterparts from the category of precious metals in the manufacture of brooches, decorative pins, rings and other jewelry alloys are used actively. So the combination of a small amount of gold with nickel and palladium, ready to make a jewelry item for less and make it popular in today's world light whitish hue, the intensity of which depends on the quantitative composition of the alloy. If shade is not too satisfied customer and needs to be strengthened further, the finished palladium composition with the addition of nickel can be treated with rhodium plating. Now especially popular cheap analogues of jewelery among newlyweds. Therefore, the master jeweler's art, actively use these alloys in the production of wedding rings. The appearance of such a product is not very different from the more expensive gold or platinum products, and the strength and durability even exceeds precious counterparts. By the way often such copies are decorated with precious stones or original inlays.

Besides material jewelry special glamor attached to his manner of decoration. Each school of jewelry has its own special charm and style. The most popular in this environment has recently become a unique oriental technique — «Mokume gane». The historic birthplace of this technique is Japan, however, we also have a lot of fans of extraordinary art, however worthy masters still not enough. The result of this process causes the admiration subside even known jewelry artists, but the cost of the product after the unique processing is very high. There are several types of jewelry, one is more suitable for admiring and costs fabulous money, and the second in the world today — available even to the average man in the street is not always contains in its raw precious materials. Which option to choose depends on you and the level of your financial opportunities. Sometimes even expensive ring in palladium and nickel makes the heart beat faster than elegant necklace, decorated with huge diamonds. So the main thing is not to lose feeling and depth of his soul, and remember that jewelry is only worthy of framing the inner world.

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