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The sudden increase in the cost of steel sheet adversely affected the stability of China's economy

New Year's holidays for the Chinese people have had some unpleasant consequences. It marked the time interval is not only noisy festivities and gift souvenirs. Immediately after the entry into force of the new year marked by a sharp jump in the cost of steel products, in particular of steel products, both conventional and special purpose. Against the background of the rapid development of rapid and well-known all over the world the eastern powers, it is very keenly felt problem of shortage of the resource base. Rolled steel recently in great demand in many areas of China's industrial complex. Therefore, a significant rise in the cost of much-needed semifinished bring destabilization in production and daily life, as the owners of industrial enterprises, and ordinary citizens. After all, the share of steel involvement is present in many products and items, without which it is impossible to do.

The reason for such fluctuations in the price category of rolled metal was the political situation in the country and the fluctuation of the national currency. After the decline of the exchange rate of local currency, according to the research of analytical department YECH CORP, China's economy suffered significant losses and raising prices for steel products is inevitable. If in the past few months, the cash equivalent of rolled steel was around 550 US dollars per ton of raw materials, but now this figure will increase by at least ten dollars per ton. Let alone the growth index and is not very large, but given the considerable volumes of consumption of such materials, total expenditure of the figure may adopt a threatening matter. Particularly unfortunate that this event took place at the end of the winter, because in February and the first month of spring to old-established tradition is for the period of China's very active and productive trade in the steel market. By the way it is important to note that, today, the general recession and lull in the Chinese economy. How long will this trend and what will rise in price of metal raw materials is against this background, only time will tell. Perhaps the temporary calmness again followed by a powerful leap forward large eastern state.

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