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The interest of foreign investors in the Indian steel industry

Indian companies producing steel products and other semi-finished products of various grades of metals, by cutting products and special purpose to the most common modifications, newly interested in foreign investors. Known in the specialized areas of the holding called FII, consisting of a large number of the investment profile of the companies began to show increased activity in this compartment. In the field of view of the holding companies were the type of Tata Steel and SAIL. According to the analytical studies in the last quarter of 2013. The most significant enterprises in the steel industry noted an increase in the equity of the holding company in its assets. Some experts link the similar fact with the increased demand for semi-finished steel. After all, in recent months the need to strip these products has been steadily rising up.

Given the upward trend, some owners metallurgical enterprises have begun to increase production capacity, against the backdrop of increased demand for goods. We could not affect the data features on the manufacture of steel and the price policy of manufacturers. According to the latest cost of one ton of the finished raw materials rose by an average of two to four percent in the last four months. This direction of development promises to be preserved during the next six months.

However, the increase in demand for steel is not associated with an increase in domestic consumption of Indian enterprises material is mainly due to the growth of this trend of exports of semi-finished products in various parts of the international community and the replacement of imports. Moreover, foreign investors have shown their interest in Indian steel sector, only after the activation of development and increasing demand for retail products. Prior to that, during the recession and the reduction of production capacity Indian steel companies Division FII investment holding in front of sharply reduced the share of its participation in a similar field.

Despite the overall decrease in the cost of steel in the context of the world, the Indian industrialists managed to minimize losses and to continue to keep the price of metal products on almost the same level. After all, the basic rate of its metallurgy, India has made in the automotive, construction and consumer goods. The development of these sectors allows to develop and strengthen the potential of the Indian steel.

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