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Carbon cooling aluminum, copper and silicon surfaces

Efficient cooling microprocessors during use — the parameter that most affects the operation of such equipment. Therefore, scientists from different countries and continents are constantly being developed more and more new cooling system. Recently, a group of scientists from the English Institute has developed a new approach to this issue. The result of their activity was the appearance of the radiator light based on a system of nano tubes of carbon. Summary of the invention and features of his work is now published on a special website, owned by the research laboratory of national importance from Berkeley.

After numerous experiments with different materials such as aluminum, silicon, copper and even gold artificially grown carbon nano tube is well proven. However, the use of such cooling involves the use of auxiliary layers. Such layers made of organic molecules such as, allow to harden covalent bonds directly between that surface, which must be cooled and nano tubes. Good coupling of the mechanical nature of the metal surface of the radiator and the cooling tube allows to increase and improve the heat dissipation in the system. Such nano tube by the ability to cool the surface of the diamond is even superior, which is considered a natural mineral character with the highest thermal conductivity properties. However, it is important to note that such a system, there is one very significant drawback. Despite the high levels of heat dissipation, most of the carbon nano tubes from can not be fixed firmly to the surface of the cooled material. So, the method needs to be followed by improvement. Now basic research aimed at improving the density of the contact tubes and metal surfaces.

The temperature in the working zone of chips has a considerable influence on the performance of such equipment. Therefore, timely and effective cooling of the work area is very important to extend the life of such chips. So the direction of scientific research group is very important in light of the present day.

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