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The dispute nickel and platinum giant on the development of new deposits

Norilsk industrial region and with significant reserves of metals in demand in the industry is keen interest in not only the recognized leader ferrous metals «Norilsk Nickel». The development of the southern part of the large field called «Norilsk 1» very seriously interested companies «Russian platinum.» After a long dispute over these territories victory remained with platinum giant, but the taste of victory somewhat overshadowed the problems associated with the infrastructure of the area, which is almost entirely owned by the nickel mining company. Therefore, two significant and well-known producer of steel products to the negotiating table in an attempt to identify the basic principles of cooperation and mutual assistance for the entire period of reference works in this region. Manual «Norilsk Nickel» announced his willingness to consider the admission of platinum to its infrastructure in the event that such interaction will be commercially viable. Platinum producer along with access to the structural features of the nickel plant was interested in the prospects of construction of the road to the mine and a clear delineation of the territory of MMC as belonging to a particular company.

The problem with the areas intended for the construction of roads to the known deposit due to a violation of the current legislation with the purchase of land in the region, intended for such intended use. After the Norilsk administration simply giving coveted areas of the undertakings concerned completely violated competition law, for which now pays a revision of the case. A new round of bidding for the land for the construction of the road is scheduled for March this year. Moreover, the documentation of the areas of the administration of the competition promises to underline their main purpose and require the buyer to provide access to the road after the construction of a third party. In addition to road hazards «Russian platinum» concerned about the perspective of building a new port. After all, if a manufacturer fails nickel companies access to its port facilities, the development of a rich and much desired fields can turn to platinum giant new unforeseen capital investment.

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