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nickel-based alloy used in the development of unusual miniature electricity generator energy from the air stream

The problem of generating electricity from the air power on the basis of the windmill and reduction devices required for this process is not the first year examined by scientists from the University of Texas. A breakthrough in this field was the invention of wind turbine of this type with a very small size. Such microscopic generator can be used to charge a mobile phone or smartphone field when an electric current outlet is unavailable. The main problem was the strain during operation of the wind machine blades in the manufacture of such a device. The solution of this problem was the use of a nickel alloy as the best raw material for the manufacture of a new generator blades. As is known, nickel-based compositions are strong enough and are resistant to many forms of corrosion damage. An explanation of these qualities is the ability to form natural nickel on its surface a strong protective film in contact with both the physical and chemical aggressors. And such unique properties are characteristic not only pure nickel, and alloys thereof. Furthermore, nickel compounds withstands deformation and able to maintain its original shape even when exposed to high mechanical and thermal loads. Therefore, the choice of material for the manufacture of wind turbine blades miniature specific disputes have arisen.

Dimensions of this generator let you embed it freely in a variety of devices that require periodic recharging, without changing the original dimensions of mobile technology. Even at the widest point of the wind power thickness less than two millimeters. Today, developers have already announced their discovery and are going to issue a patent for such an unusual invention. Given that dozens of such power plants will take in the mobile phone area commensurate with a single grain of rice in one device communication can be easily installed hundreds of these nutrients. Phones equipped in a similar fashion will be completely independent of stationary power line, allowing to provide a reliable and durable connection at any location of the owner. Moreover, at the cost of mass production of the new invention is sufficiently small, and therefore not strongly affect the price of the device connection.

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