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Reduced copper exports to Russia

The general lull in the copper market, due to the fall in demand for the non-ferrous metals are not spared and our fatherland. Already in the first month of this year has been quite strong noticeable decrease in the export of such goods abroad. Moreover, a decrease in supply is estimated is not a pair of triple percent. According to the research department of copper companies in Russia export «red gold» decreased significantly. These data are recorded and customs services at the federal level. To illustrate an example, since the beginning of the new year, the export of copper material in foreign countries amounted to slightly more than eight tons of the product. In monetary terms, the profits from the copper trade in the current period has decreased significantly, the loss is estimated at $ 65 million.

Although recently the situation in this segment of the market looked very different. A couple of years ago, the Russian exports of copper production increased significantly. Supply of refined nonferrous metal increased to thirteen and a half percent. According to the results of last year's revenue from copper shipments increased by nearly one and a half per cent and amounted to more than four and a half billion dollars in monetary terms. Total exports of red raw materials in 2013 is estimated at six hundred thousand tons.

The reason for this alarming situation for Russian copper producers began a sharp decline in demand for raw materials. Important role in the lull trends played a downturn of the Chinese economy. After all, this eastern states during its rapid development was the main customer and the buyer of an important structural materials. Paying tribute to the fairness it should be noted that the calm and the calm is observed not only in China but also in many Western countries. Given this trend decline in copper prices is likely to continue and will not be able to change the situation in the next few months. A certain concern is the prospect of development in these conditions the copper-mining companies, which can start to reduce their working sites with a further decrease of prices for products. Incidentally imbalance in the copper market is not touched, only Russian suppliers, not the best way a reduction in demand for copper and its value was reflected in many Western companies from this division.

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