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Zinc production: demand exceeds production

The figures show that in 2013 the Chelyabinsk plant for the production of zinc smelted 166,357 tonnes mark metal SHG (Special High Grade), and produced its alloys, while the total production compared to the issue increased by 4% in 2012, which It amounts to 160 002 tonnes. At the same time 66% of the product has left the Russian market. These data were provided by the press service of the Chelyabinsk Z. Ts.

The company «Nova Zinc», referring to the same group as the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant, over the past year has produced metal in the concentrate in an amount of 34 870 tonnes, almost exactly to a tee repeating the results of 2012 — 34,252 tons — as well as made of lead in the concentrate in an amount of 4810 tons, which exceeded by 34% the previous year and amounted to 3586 tons.

Enterprise «The Brock Metal Company Limited», a subsidiary of Chelyabinsk C. C and produces zinc alloys, in 2013 failed to implement 25 415 tonnes, while in 2012 the figures were 3% lower and amounted to 24 685 tonnes.

At the same time according to analysts, global demand for the metal increases from November 2013 exceeding the its production. In particular, the production of refined zinc in November 2013 compared with October 2013 decreased to 1 million 159.7 thousand tons, while the previous figure was 1 million 162.1 thousand tons. As for consumption, for the same period, it has increased from 1 million 182 thousand tons to 1 million 190.1 thousand tons. Ultimately, the data provided by «ILZSG», as compared to October 2013. Zinc deficiency in the world in November 2013, up from 19,900 tons to 30,400 tons.

Global zinc production for the period January-November 2013 amounted to 12.08 million tons, an increase of 5.8% compared with the data of 2012 in the same period, when the figure was 11.419 million tons. Such a jump has occurred to a greater extent due to the increased volumes in China by 13.1%.

The use of metal from January to the beginning of December 2013 increased by 7.6% to 12.098 million tonnes, whereas during the same period of 2012, the number was 11.24 million tons. The main factor for this jump was an increase in the demand for zinc, 14.9% in China, while demand in Europe fell by 0.9%, but only 4.7% increase in the United States.

Thus, zinc deficiency, resulting in the period from January to November 2013 amounted to 18 thousand tons, while in 2012, over the same period, the number was 179 thousand tons.

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