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The ceilings are a new type of aluminum - style and high art

Thanks to a whole range of important technological qualities such as lightness, against the background of high levels of strength and processability, aluminum in great demand in many branches of modern industry. However, the scope of application of the production material is not limited. Attractive appearance and a unique product of its individual characteristics determined the use of aluminum as an excellent tool design of residential and industrial premises. Created a furor in the field of residential design is the emergence of a new type of «grilyato» ceilings. With this aluminum construction designer can accentuate the strengths of the premises and to slightly modify the overall look of the room.

Such a ceiling reminiscent of a kind of honeycomb and has a second name «cellular coverage.» In general such a construction suspended type consists of a plurality of individual structural elements lattice. The connection of individual parts in the overall product comes in a standard way on a «folder-nurse.» Unusual product of aluminum gives turn expanse Architectural imagination to the fullest. Variants of the original ceiling array of color schemes allow to choose the right shade for an office building, as well as for conference rooms to meet business partners. Very popular is the white coating of the ceiling of the room. This design will fit well into the interior of various public institutions and offices of public officials. Palette-style chrome surface can reduce conflict in the premises intended for talks between opponents in any dispute. Silver aluminum ceilings are perfect for decoration entertainment centers or gambling. Brushed aluminum ceiling, thanks to the ability to create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere in the room is perfect for decoration of apartment space. The unusual use of aluminum in decorative art greatly expands the scope of application of lightweight and durable structural material. New features to the ceiling structure in the style of «grilyato» allow you to turn the most ordinary room in the corner of the original theme of high art.

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