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"Norilsk Nickel" redistributes power

According to Sergei Dyachenko, who is the head of the operating unit of the company «Norilsk nickel», his company employs learning capacity reallocation opportunities. In particular, the option of tightening ore enrichment capacities of the Polar Division, the most important production area for «Talnakh» concentrator («PF»). According to calculations of the expansion of the company's management will enable processing factory in the year to 20 million tons. Ore. As for the «Norilsk» factory, that she and hydrometallurgical plant factory «Nadezhinsky» will prepare for the closure or redirection.

At the moment, «Norilsk Nickel» is the owner of two processing plants with a total capacity of 16.4 million tonnes of ore per annum, «Talnakh» enrichment plant processes 7.7 million tonnes of ore, «Norilsk» — 8.7 million tons… ore. The project to expand capacity due to the need to increase production in the Taimyr Peninsula Ore highly profitable, since the number of limited production capacity of enrichment. According to the 2012 Polar Division Ore production for the year was 16.7 million tons.

Mining and Metallurgical Corporation «Norilsk Nickel» has started upgrading «Talnakh» enrichment plant in 2012, and from 2014 to 2018, according to data provided by the «Norilsk Nickel», the project CAPEX will amount to 800 million USD. The construction itself will be opened in 2014, and the full power of «PF» plans to recruit in 2018. After upgrading significantly reduced costs and operating costs for smelting.

Meanwhile, the company «Goldman Sachs» analysts continue to predict the rise in prices. Now the price of nickel in 2014 is estimated at 16 thousand USD per ton, whereas until recently was called the price of 15 thousand USD. Since the beginning of 2014 on the London Stock Exchange, the price of nickel as a whole increased by 4.8%. Earlier, in connection with the acceptance of the ban on the export of ore analysts «Credit Suisse» speculated that the price of nickel will grow by 6%, basically the same situation is still not clearly defined. Despite the increase in the cost of the next, analysts doubt that this figure speaks of withdrawal from depression. Especially since the market is characterized by a notable metal overstocking and experts expect that the nickel price drops to less than 14 thousand USD per ton even earlier than expected.

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