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"Interpipe Steel": the anniversary has become the starting point for new goals

The plant «Interpipe Steel» in January 2014 noted the two-year anniversary since the first heat. And now, after two years, the plant has a new strip: planned, no less, to reach the level of world producers and raise their own performance prior to smelting to 1.5 million tons of steel.

Two years have not passed in vain — «Interpipe Steel» in this period was able to melt the first million and reached the design parameters. Achieved production capacity given the opportunity to start the plant to supply its own products to external customers, as well as to provide the steel billet wheels and pipes production.

Of course, such success does not fall from the ceiling — says Gennady Esaulova, director of the company, two years have passed in hard work. After starting the plant required to train workers management with modern equipment, learn new techniques and processes. Now, after the tasks have been solved, it is time to take on increased efficiency. Management of the plant in this matter relies on the introduction of a modern management system. The project, developed by the company, will implement a phased development of the world's most effective approaches to help solve the problems of increasing productivity. The fundamental principles of the project are the creation of effective teams, uniform distribution of responsibilities and roles, motivation of employees, the introduction of 5S system security reinforcement, continuous improvement and environmental protection. After the implementation of the above points, the plant management will be able to proceed to the basic practices: production management, service and maintenance.

According to COO «Interpipe Steel» Andrea Mikelan, in the struggle for the world's best indicators of the efficiency of production we managed to get two components for a successful solution to the problem — skilled workers and advanced equipment. And now need to focus on the most efficient production process. In addition to steel production in the amount of 1.5 mln. Tons, «Interpipe Steel» plans to achieve cost redistribution of less than 100 USD per tonne.

«Interpipe Steel» is the first Ukrainian metallurgical plant built from scratch. The investments amount to 700 million USD.

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