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EVRAZ installs new equipment

In the repair shop of metallurgical equipment number 3 EVRAZ NTMK was delivered and put into operation the new equipment. The equipment includes cutting band saws intended for cutting rolled intended for the manufacture of spare parts. Automated equipment for control-sets using an embedded controller. In operation, the required parameters are set by the operator. The next step is metered by means of a laser. Next is the length of the workpiece thin ribbon. Due to the fact that its width is sufficiently small, the size of the allowance of 1 mm. This significantly saves enough sacrificial metal.

For new machines sufficiently low power consumption, according to preliminary estimates of electricity savings of more than 50 kWh / year. Also, machines are equipped with feeding, clamping material and hydraulic control. Particular ease of new technology lies in the possibility of simultaneous processing of steel billets of different lengths. Maximum workpiece length is 10 meters, when the time is saved operations. The machines provide cleansing and cooling system. The purchase of machines was invested 1.5 mln. RUB. In the new year, the company plans to further purchase of new equipment.

Another project EVRAZ NTMK — modernization of thermal power plant turbine generator. Successful implementation of the project will provide an opportunity to increase its electricity production by 10%. Since the project is planned to use existing equipment and operating the network, volume, and time allotted for the installation work will be reduced. The company will invest in this project about 205 million. RUB. According to preliminary calculations, the final stage of the work will be in the third quarter of 2017. Invested funds will okupleny within 3−5 years.

Today EVRAZ has been working on the reduction of energy consumption. It also discusses the possibility of increasing the energy efficiency of production while reducing the volume of fuel purchased energy. In 2014, the volume of used fuel waste energy amounted to 156,987 cubic meters. m / year. Increasing the use of blast furnace gas became possible due to technical re-equipment of the boiler 7th.

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